Making Every Maths Lesson Count

This course will be online.

This session explores the cognitive bias known as the Curse of Knowledge: the idea that when we have knowledge, it is impossible to imagine what it’s like to lack that knowledge. Through a simple demonstration, participants will experience the Curse of Knowledge first hand before looking at examples of what it looks like in Maths.

We will examine how important awareness of this bias is and the impact it has on our practice. When considering how to overcome it, the session draws on the work of Rosenshine & Sweller relating to the use of models in the form of worked examples - used in a multitude of ways.

Participants will be introduced to practical, easy to implement strategies to take away to help overcome the curse of knowledge. This webinar will also help to improve teacher explanations, provide scaffolding, challenge and expose student misconceptions and support students to make connections in Maths.

This webinar is suitable for Maths teachers of any key stage.

Presenter Profile

Emma McCrea is a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton, specialising in the design and delivery of evidence-informed teacher training for both trainee and experienced teachers. She has led professional development training for organisations such as the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM), Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) and the Maths Hubs.

She is currently studying for a Fellowship in Education and is the founding director of an edtech start-up. Having started her career as a maths teacher at an innovative secondary school in East Sussex, Emma has since worked as a head of maths, qualified as an advanced skills teacher and led on teaching and learning and teacher professional development.

Cost: £150 per delegate

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